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"Quatrain" is my new safeword.

Well! Sometimes... I do things I don't *have* to do.

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Thurisaz. Bow before me, for I am root.
22 March 1987
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Hiyah everyone. I'm Gigi, or Adja for lj.

Okay, let's stay simple.

→ I'm on here, so by normal people's standards, I'm insane. I hope you you'll think so too, but this time in endearment.

→ I'm French, so while I can't seem to write in another language than English, there might be some mistake or heavy phrasing, please forgive me for that.

→ It's been ages since i've posted something on here. So my old fics are a bit outdated both in writting and language, but I think for now I'll keep them online.

→ I've got a huge problem about finishing what I start, cause I've got so many ideas. So it's why I only post completed works.

→ I've got a lot of fandoms, but I'm a big slasher. I apologise to those whom can be offended by that. I try to keep things clear. And obviously, when you see Dean/Castiel or Ryan/Esposito, it means what it means.

→ I'm running out of ideas.

f a n d o m s
btvs, ats, Supernatural, Veronica Mars, Castle, House MD, Firefly, Dollhouse, Criminal Minds, Glee, tbbt, Bones, The Vampire Diaries(I blame someone for this one),
I mostly read/write/draw(?) in: spn, castle

t o p s h i p s
destiel, wincest, sabriel, ryan/esposito (told ya I was a salsher), caskett, spuffy

I was going to write a S4 to VM. I had it all planned and it just needed writing up. And then I started to actually have to work hard in my classes, totally unexpected. So I took a hiatus and when I found time again I'd fallen into SPN. I may still do it. Not planned for now, though.

w h a t I l o v e
→ I love music, almost every kind. I can listen to Avril Lavigne and to metal, to punk rock and then work out to Britney Spears. I don't mind, I have my moods.
→ I love photography. I have my own reflex camera and I can't wait for the weather to be nicer so i can take it for a tour in Paris.
→ I love arts. Virtual, like photoshop made stuff or IRL -I love to draw comics but I'm not that good, I don't have much time to do it.
→ I love gymnastics and if I hadn't busted my knee, I would still be at it. Though, as soon as I'm settled in a town, I'm looking for dance classes.
→ I do sing, I'm not bad. But I broke my voice and didn't get it back fully. I'm thinking of going into vocal rehab with a doc because I really don't feel complete without my voice as it used to be.
→ I love acting. I've been on stage like a million times in very different roles and plays. I've been in crappy pieces with a wee little role to lead singer in a musical that took place in the biggest theatre of our city. But it's been a while.
I used to be in a band, but, yet again, studies made us split. (I did go all the way across the world..)
I haven't been on stage in 2/3 years. I miss it a lot.

Writing Status (updated March, 2011):

Works in Progress:

1) A AU J2 thing that just needs the ending wrapped up but I can't seem to get it right.
2) Burned, a ryan/esposito fic at peels ryan to his fragile core
3) Tons of other fanfictions that I can’t seem to get done. And new ideas that pop into my mind incessantly.

Friends Policy: I love new friends, so feel free to friend me, but if you could drop me a line, comment somewhere to let me know how you found me... it would be great. :)

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